PRESS RELEASE First European mobile cityblog network by locals

Amsterdam, Netherlands August 4, 2009 -- Spotted by Locals, a network of cityblogs by locals in 22 cities in Europe, has launched a lightweight and very fast mobile version of all their websites, enabling its visitors to search for local tips on their mobile device while on the road.

More and more travelers using internet abroad
Spotted by Locals has seen an increasing amount of visitors accessing its cityblogs abroad. Visitors increasingly comment on articles on the cityblogs while abroad, or leave a message on one of Spotted by Locals' 23 Twitter channels (e.g.

Research also shows internet access on mobile devices is increasing rapidly. 13% of consumers in Western European (source: Forrester, July 2009) and 23% of US consumers (source: Pew Research, April 2009) now access the internet on their mobile device. Forrester (July 2009) predicts that by 2013, there will be 2.2 billion Internet users in the world.

Costs for mobile internet abroad increasingly lower and transparent
Accessing the internet on a mobile device when abroad is currently still relatively expensive. However, more and more mobile phone operators are slashing roaming costs and making them more transparent. Vodafone for example, offers customers traveling across Europe to access the Internet from their mobile phone for 4.99 per day for up to 25MB of data.

Spotted by Locals' mobile cityblogs use fewer images than the desktop/laptop version. This makes them much faster to use, and cheaper when used while roaming abroad.

Mobile Google Maps leads you to the best local spots!
On the mobile cityblogs, visitors can search for spots in specific category (like bars, restaurants, clubs, museums, shopping and places to relax) or spots within a specific neighborhood. Google Maps are provided with every article, and work seamlessly with GPS- and Google Maps-enabled phones (like the Apple iPhone, or Google Android devices).

There is no special URL mobile users have to remember. Spotted by Locals' software, developed by d-media, recognizes mobile users, and presents them the mobile interface. Visit to see how it works!

About Spotted by Locals
Spotted by Locals was launched in 2008 by travel addicts Sanne & Bart van Poll. It's the first network of cityblogs with handpicked bloggers who provide tips about their city from a personal and local perspective, in the English language. It has recently launched 22 cityblogs, and currently has 115 local writers.

Spotted by Locals recently won a Mashable Open Web Award, a Lonely Planet Travel Blog award, and a Travel Mole tourist industry award (see